DITA Audio – The Answer “The Dynamic Answer” (english review)

Writer : Mikku
Dita – The Answer
Harga : 650$
Driver : Single Dynamic Driver
Dynamic Driver vs Balanced Armature Driver… which one is better? the answer is always “it depends on your taste” definitely, but there is a tendency for high end iem market to use Balanced armature or multiple balanced armature to be exact, for me personally BA is better at controlling upper mid’s peak and giving more smoothness especially around that area, but whenever i switched to Dynamic after hearing BA i can’t help but felt that Dynamic’s bass is more natural, giving a more convincing punch and more natural rumble, that’s why i still really appreciate Dynamic drivers, but nowadays company that are making iem from single dynamic for high end market are surprisingly low in number compares to those who chose to use BA. One of dynamic user company is called DITA, and  this time i will give a review for their lowest model “The Answer”

Box & Accessories

It’s hard to miss their big and premium box, hands down the most premium looking iem box ever!!. you see a DITA logo in their outer box, then you’ll find the iem and their manual book, then open the last layer you’ll found 2 different hardcase. The experience is like opening a box of jewellery.


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Build, Fit & Isolation

Even though the housing is big indeed but they are really comfortable in your ears, thanks to their smooth edges and great angled nozzle, i found them to be really comfortable,not as good as SD4 or Shure’s but they did a really a good job considering how big they are, also they don’t stick out and make you looks like frankenstein’s monster lol,  they isolate quite well too .


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Before we go into the tonal review i gotta tell you they are really really tips dependent, thin tips like spinfit or ortofon will make em sounds horribly metallic and thin. so i reccomend you using thick tips like their stock tips (medium/small bore) or jvc spiraldot is a good choice to show you their full potential

one feature that Dynamic driver always excel at it’s bass, more natural, slams with authority and you can feel the rumble and air moving, different sensation with BA. To completely grasps this feature it is required for owner to use a warm  DAP with big bass, trust me the difference is very noticable, DITA the Answer has a deep controlled bass with a very natural decay, but it isn’t sloppy or slow either, it’s just that natural

A li’l recessed making a mild U shaped tonality, but still clear and smoothness, there’s a good balance between low mid and upper mid making it sounds natural, neutral to warm i daresay. but like i said before, the weakness of the dynamic driver is in their upper mid peak, esepecially when you’re playing a shitty quality old song, this cans can be quite unforgiving

another thing that i love about Dita is their treble, it’s transparent and has a great natural timbre, a bit forward in presentation, it has a great extension and timbre nothing feels too much or lacking, simply great

Soundstage, Detail & Imaging

First time testing Orchestra music using DITA, wow a very majestic presentation indeed, it has a grand 3D soundstage and great focus and imaging for every instruments, although it’s not really wide but it has a great level of depth. But some of BA competitors has better layering for complex music


VS Fitear F111 : f111 feels thinner and has limit both upper and lower frequencies, feels a little less exciting, but clearer and more addicting in the vocal department, more intimate and clear, while DITA is more allrounder and more of a complete package

VS SD2 : SD2 is much more smoother, but it lacks the excitement that DITA gives both in bass and treble, SD2 feels warmer in the vocal yet more linear in bass and treble department giving more of a relaxed presentation

VS SD4 : SD4 tonality is also a U shaped, but with faster bass, warmer and more forward midrange also more controlled and smoother treble. it’s less exciting than DITA but feels more refined, detailed, and has even better soundstage especially in width. SD4 is without a doubt smoother. overall i feel SD4 is a level above DITA the Answer

VS Phonak PFE 232 : Phonak has deeper yet faster bass, but it doesn’t have DITA’s slam and rumble, Phonak’s Vocal is more recessed yet clearer but more prone to sibilance, Phonak’s treble is more extended and detailed. DITA’s is definitely more 3D and majestic in soundstage, having more depth and width

DITA The Answer is truly an “Answer” for those who craved for dynamic sensation at high end level, and for me they nailed it giving a high end performance, a convincing bass and great rumble with very natural decay, yet it still has its downside especially in imaging and layering, some of BA competitor has more to offer in those department


Build : 9/10
Fit : 8/10
Isolation : 8/10
Bass : 8/10
Mid : 7/10
Treble : 8/10
Soundstage : 8/10
Layering : 7/10
Imaging : 7/10

Rank A


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