Ty-Hi Z 32 Ohm “Ridiculously Good” (english review)

Writer : Mikku
Ty-Hi Z 32 Ohm
price : around 0.9$
Driver : Single Dynamic Driver

ty – hi z is one of the brands that originated from china that offers good earbud at low budget, please take note that all of their products are named “ty-hi z” the only differences are their impedance and how they look, for example there are ty hi z  ohm and ty hi z 150 ohm, but this time i will only review their lowest model, the 32 ohm one…

if you’re interested in buying this, please be careful, there are 2 types of ty hi z  ohm, the straight angled jack vers, and the L -shaped jack vers, and yes…. they sound diferrent and i really really prefer the straight angled one

Box & Accessories

this is.. simply… one the simplest packaging ever… lol.. just look at that…. just white boxes with writings on em… “earphone” and “accessories”


Build & Fit

nothing special really, just your everyday normal sized earbud

even though there is no problem with the fitting, but i find a rather troublesome quality control issue with these, especially in their jack, luckily my friend Glenn from sinfonia music school told me that they do need a special cleaning spray (using normal electronic cleaning spray is okay) in order to fix this problem, at first you may find strange noises when you move around with these… and that’s exactly where the problem lies, do as i said.. use electronic cleaning spray and poof the problem is gone


Sound (full foam)

it’s an allrounder bass, just what i like, punchy with a good texture, not too thick nor too thin and the quantity is just right…… it won’t please a basshead though… i don’t know why but in some tracks you could find a little distortion… i still can’t figure out why.. because they could handle heavy bass music but in some songs that has mediocre bass they could sounds a lil bit distorted

it gives a striking balance between low mid and upper mid making them sounds really really natural. i have to admit that they easily passed my own vocal test playlist with the best mark…. sounds beautiful on EVERY DAMN SONG!!! f*ck me right?? none of my cans can do this… some of them sounds too warm, some of them sounds too thin and harsh even though they have much higher price and much better technicality, but this ty hi z turns every kind of vocal, starting from harsh pop songs, mellow jazz vocal, powerful rock vocal, intense opera vocal sounds beautiful and smooth… i am speechless.

it has a quite natural timbre with good extension, but sometimes feels a bit grainy


VS Pai PR1 : PR1 feels smoother and has more body in the mid and low, but lacks extension on the upper frequencies. pr 1 feels more mellow and smooth, ty hi z feels much more natural

VS Edifier h180 : edifier has much more bass but feels so unrefined that it hurts, also more V shaped compared to ty hi z, edifier’s upper mid peak could really go bad sometimes, ty hi z 32 ohm is much more natural


ty hi z 32 ohm leaves me breathless by how natural it sounds, giving a great tonal balance especially in this price range, if you need an allrounder earbud in this price range.. don’t search for something else.. buy these!!! (gotta say that they are rare now, they have been replaced by the L jack version which has better QC but much worse sound for me personally)


Build : 7,5/10
Fit : 7/10
Bass : 7/10
Mid : 10/10
Treble : 8/10
Soundstage : 7/10
Separation : 8/10
Imaging : 6/10

Rank : B


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