Aurisonics ASG 1.2 Review “Old Magic” (English Review)

By : Mikku
Aurisonics ASG 1.2
Price : around 200-300$ (Discontinued)
Driver : Single Dynamic


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There’s no need for introduction for this brand, it’s already become a senior company, starting from “number” series such as aurisonics 1,1.2,1.3,2.5 etc till their latest product such as Rocket, Kicker, Eva, Harmony, their tonality is always leaning to the bassy side. this time i will review one of their old discontinued product, even though it is old indeed, but some people it’s totally irreplaceable, let’s see why shall we?

Build, Fit, n Isolation

Made from a hard material (i can’t really tell either this is plastic/acrylic) feels strong and solid, even the cable is high quality braid and twisted, no wonder they lasts.

About the fitting, well this kinda shocking for me since i’ve tried all of their new series starting from Eva, Kicker and even their TOTL Harmony, but none of them fits so good in my ears like this, so fitting alone i definitely prefer this one over their latest product.
they also have a great isolation, fits like a glove and high isolation remind me of inear stagediver series


Let’s be honest…. this ASG 1.2 sounds like nothing i’ve heard before, they stray so much compared to their latest series it’s a “love it or hate it” kind of product it’s a bizarre iem indeed. i remembered the first time i tried em… my first impression was : “What the actual F*ck!?? where’s the treble??? very very dark and foggy kind of sound, far from clear and detailed, for this kind of price? really???” but the owner insisted that i need to listen to them longer… so i did.. i listened to them long enough and i find a unique kind sound… a certain “magic”.. can you guess what is it?

Bass : starting from the low frequencies, well it’s typical low end dynamic i guess, bassy and muddy no real focus or slam here, just a big bodied bass, even the extension is no good, thank god the texture is good enough…

Mid : really really thicc… i mean thick lol, even too much focus in low mid rather in upper mid, female vocal sounds strange and restrained, but 1 thing is for sure, no sibilance nor peak can be heard. this is the first time i’ve ever heard this kind of vocal, this is the “magic” i told you ¬†earlier… the texture itself is kinda strange… it’s muddy indeed but the pronounciation is clear indeed, maybe it’s for those who loves old bad recording they sound good in this cans.. seriously

Treble : where’s my treble? i keep searching for em but i can’t find it… instrumental sounds like nothing i’ve ever heard before, other worldly timbre.. what is this?? tried the hot recording “Gakurokujodo” from Garnidellia and it become a laidback song.. what the???


i couldn’t find anything special from the technicality aspect, small soundstage, blur imaging, muddy layering……..


a strange product indeed, no i’m not gonna say it’s a failure, some people really love this kind of sound you know? it’s a good chance that i tried em….


Build : 9/10
Fit : 9/10
Isolation : 9/10
Bass : 7,5/10
Mid : 3-8/10 (love it or hate it)
Treble : 1/10
Detail : 7/10
Soundstage : 5/10
Imaging : 4/10
Layering : 2/10
Value : ? (discontinued & unique one of a kind)
Rank: C


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