Yuin PK1 Review “The Famous Vocal”(English Review)

Writer : Mikku
Yuin PK1 (old batch) Retered using Viablue Gold
Price : 155$
Driver : single dynamic driver (150ohm)



This time i’m gonna review one of my favorite earbuds…. Yuin Pk1, the old flagship of Yuin Earbud..  to be honest.. this is the first earbud that convinced me that earbud can sounds really really good (because essentially i’m an iem guy). but unfortunately this review is a bit biased since it’s a retered version…. but i’ve heard the original version too and the difference is subtle…

i have heard all three of Yuin’s pk series earbud from pk3, pk2, and pk1 while their price is definitely differently but they offer different sound signature, the pk3 is focused on bass, pk2 sounds faster and more suitable for rock, pk1 is focused on an airy and sweet vocal, this review will be about pk1 only

Build & Fit

1 thing i gotta say about their build is they are a pair of humble looking earbuds, since you won’t find any metal in the housing, just plain black with a rather humble looking cable too, no braids or whatsoever… i mean.. with their price tag.. i expect something more.. they are one of the most expensive earbud y know ? hahaha i mean.. even looking at the cheaper shozy cygnus or mrZ tomahawk.. they gave me a more expensive looks. but it doesn’t really matter, the most important thing is their sound right?.

now going for the ergonomics, no problem at all.. they are very small and has no sharp edges, very comfortable for my ears.

you won’t ask for isolation will you? they are definitely open lol


if you’re using your smartphone as a source then be prepared to be dissapointed, since its impedance is 150 ohm, it will be a hard task for your phone to drive these, a simple amplifier such as Topping NX3 is enough to give em enough power

Bass : trust me.. basshead will skip this… if you’re a basshead just search for another review instead, they are very shy in this department. small quantity with almost no impact and extension, some amplifier with bass boost might help if you’re looking for more bass. FYI Yuin Pk3 has the most satisfying bass for basshead of all Yuin’s product (even though it’s the cheapest one)

Mid : this is the main reason why i bought this earbud… the vocal part… in the world of earbud… amongst all that i’ve heard including the mighty sennheiser mx985 and Ve Zen… Yuin PK1 is the king. Very clear, intimate, and smoooothh smooothhh smooooottthhh texture, just love em!!! try some of Diana Krall’s song, or some accoustic songs, damn!! goosebumps guys, no kiddin! the best part of the earbud

Treble : no special note this time, it definitely has airy texture, but the extension itself is not really good if you’re craving for extension and timbre, but they still maintain their smooth texture, that’s why rock lovers won’t like em IMO

Detail : they are actually pretty detailed, but it’s hidden behind the smoothness and the forwardness of the vocal

Soundstage : they definitely have a plenty of width, but no depth

Layering : it’s not really good, if you’re looking an earbud for orchestral, i gotta say i still haven’t found em till this day, their layering aren’t just good enough


VS Zen1 : Zen has much more body to its tonal, warmer and has more authority both in vocal and bass, but less sweet and airy compared to PK1, their specialty is just too different, Zen1 will do good for pop and even EDM but PK1 is definitely for vocals and accoustic

VS Shozy Cygnus : Cygnus is more allrounder, good for any genres, and it’s much more efficient in power, it’s very easy to drive em even using your smartphone only, but if you’re looking for a good smooth vocal, PK1 still win, even switching to cygnus after trying pk1, cygnus feels kind of anemic and dry

VS MrZ Toneking Red : Toneking offers a more linear response for purist, they don’t offer intimate vocal nor sweetness but detail and extension instead

if you’re a vocal lover and prefer earbud instead of iem, this is a must try!


Build : 6/10
Fit : 9/10
Bass : 4/10
Mid : 9,5/10
Treble : 8/10
Detail : 7,5/10
Soundstage : 7/10
Layering : 5/10
Imaging : 5/10
Value : 7/10

Rank : B


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