Fitear ToGo 334 Review “Perfect Vocal!?” (English Review)

First of all, Special Thanks to my Great Friends : Reza, Raymond, and Rey for  it is because of them i could write this review.

Writer : Mikku
Fitear Togo 334
Price : About 1399 USD
Technical Data :
3 way
3 Crossover
4 Balanced Armature with Titanium tube


I Remember when the first time I meet my friend, Reza and tried his Fitear togo 334, it was a mindblowing experience, I was using Shure 215 and Flare R2a at that time and Fitear is on a whole different level, nothing feels congested, definitely no harsh peak, very vast soundstage, brilliant imaging and absolutely the best vocal I’ve ever tried… at that time I simply said “Perfect!” it’s the perfect iem. Now, I have tried so many different iems on the same price level and even on the higher price that now my mind has changed, it’s no longer the “perfect one” and now I know that no iem is perfect (lol), but I still could understand why so many people still find togo 334 as the end game for universal iem now, it still has its own forte against other iem. Now I’d like to review this iem objectively, hope you like this review. And by the way, I also compare the difference between Fitear togo 334 V2 and V3, these fitears belong to my generous friends (V2 Belongs to Raymond while the V3 Belongs to Rey).

(Reza’s Fitear ToGo 334 V2 with Astell & Kern 100 ii)


Fitear Togo 334 comes with a highly durable pelican case and 4 different tips, if you read my review about Inear StageDiver4, I’ve said that this is exactly what a customer wanted, a durable case with a humble set of tips that’s it.


334 definitely has a big housing with a rather large proprietary Fitear pin. Because of its size, me and some of my friends find a little difficulty when we first tried it, and somehow till this day I still find it not really comfortable, but once you’re used to it for some times you could wear it for hours. Far from the best but definitely acceptable. Isolation is normal, it doesn’t block outside noise as inear does, but it works well generally speaking.

The cable is quite different on the outside texture but ergonomics wise they are just as good. The only problem that i have here is they’re a little bit stiff, while i’m hoping for a more flexible cable, but that’s not a major problem.


One thing that I don’t really like about BA’s bass is how fast their decay is, doesn’t feels natural in my perception, but Fitear Togo 334 offers a different kind of bass, if you have heard iems like Shure 535, or audio technica like Im03 you’ll find they could really reproduce a fast bass that are suitable for rock musics, Togo 334 take a different approach, its decay is not that fast, but far more natural and flowing sometimes I feel it almost like dynamic, a good natural bass that digs quite deep and could become engaging when needed, but never too fast nor too slow. But take note, the v2 vers has bigger bass than v3 even though the quality is on the same level and it taste the same but v2 packs more punch and quantity. But they are by no means a basshead gears.

Moving into the vocal aspect, this is why togo 334 still one of the best iem I’ve tried, it has one of the best vocal in any range of price that I’ve tried, airy, lush, warm, intimate, natural, and it’s absolutely eliminates any annoying peaks, what a great vocal control. Changing between v2 or v3, it doesn’t have a significant difference, so you can never go wrong with them.

The treble aspect is quite different between v2 and v3 and I guess this is the most deciding factor whether you’ll choose v2 or v3. V2 has a laidback treble but still has a great timbre and never sounds dark except you’re a dedicated treblehead lol. V3 has better treble extension and has airier sensation, I prefer v3 personally because I love airy treble for my instrumental musics and v3 offers more suitable treble. The overall presentation is still somehow laidback though, never comes in your face and sits a step backward compared to the vocal.

Detail is definitely an S class but never gets fatiguing, soundstage Is also big and airy, very vast but due to its vocal intimacy the soundstage is somehow doesn’t really make a round presentation but rather an oval shaped  imaging, but maybe it’s just my ears.

There are so many things that made Fitear a great product, but i rarely talk about this one, it’s about their coherency… whenever i hear them, i really cannot guess how many drivers are being used in the housing, because of the sound is so coherent like it comes from one driver only, i’m not saying that the other brand cannot make a coherent-sounding iems, it’s just fitears are soo coherent that they are special in that case.

(On the Left side is the v2, On the Right Side is the V3, the most visible difference is in their cable, you can see the v3’s cable has more twisted-like pattern compared to the v2, and somehow i feel that v3’s cable is a bit more flexible)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Vs Shure 846 : 846 has punchier and deeper bass, they have the same vocal intimacy but 334 is smoother and more organic for my ears, 846 has darker treble noticeably. Soundstage is so different, while 846 is narrow, 334 is really vast. Ergonomics wise I find 846 is easier to wear and stays more firmly in my ears due to its size.

Vs Inear SD4 : inear SD4 has a better tonal balance for me (not too intimate vocal), but for vocals 334 definitely has more to offer, clearer, more intimate, and even smoother. For me somehow even though they have a same level of refinement in their bass but SD4 has more texture to it, I won’t say it’s better though. In the end I feel that 334 is still a little better than SD4 in overall technical aspects, but 334 still can’t beat Inear’s genius shape. (damn I love these two!!)

Vs Empire ears Apollo X : now we’re talking about a higher priced iem, if you’re a vocal junkies then just stay for togo334, but if you’re not, you gotta listen to this Apollo. It has the best soundstage depth in any universal iems I’ve ever tried (I haven’t tried zeus though). Changing from Apollo to Togo 334 you’ll miss the vocal, but you’ll realize the lack of extension of 334 both in upper or lower register, and also you’ll find somehow togo 334s soundstage become kind of congested.

Vs Fitear F111 : Fitear F111 has worse extension both upper and lower due to its only single BA, but more intimate vocal  yet harsher and much more exposed to sibilance.

Vs Fitear Parterre : Parterre has wider soundstage but less front and back dimension due to the parterre’s more laidback vocal, Parterre also has bigger and punchier midbass and has also a darker but somehow a more fierce treble, both are free of sibilance and peak. Parterre is more suitable for Classical and Orchestra music, wider and better instrument layering and never overwhelmed by the vocal.

Overall Fitear Togo 334 is definitely a bloody great contender for high end iems, it has a Vocal that is hard to beat, especially when we’re talking about Universal Iems, easily one of an end game target for vocal lovers, but it’s not the end for those who strive for other aspect than vocal because some of higher priced iems has better extension between or both upper and lower register.


Build : 9/10
Fit : 7,5/10
Isolation : 8/10
Bass : 8/10
Mid : 9,7/10
Treble : 8,5/10
Detail : 9/10
Soundstage : 8,5/10
Imaging : 9/10
Layering : 8/10
Value : 9/10

Rank: S




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