review willsound 32 ohm “local gold” (english review)

Cans : Willsound 32 Ohm
Driver : single dynamic driver
Price : Rp300.000 (around 20$)

This earbud is made by Willy Jaya lukito an Indonesian earbud maker, his name is already famous in local earbud group, his first creation was actually some amps that he sold in very cheap price, but the quality is definitely there, since then he keeps on improving his creation and now he’s ready to sell his masterpiece in form of earbud he names it “willsound 32 ohm vers”. He lent them for me so that I can write this review, big thanks for that.

Ergonomics :

Ergonomically , nothing special about this earbud, just like your everyday earbuds, but my favorite thing is the cable, it is braided from jack to y splitter, and braided from y splitter to the housing, it has a fabric-ish texture that reminds me of shozy Cygnus, looks high quality and very flexible but also light, now how’s the sound?

Sound :

I use my simple XDuuo X10 as my primary source and using wide genres of music, starting from k-pop like taeyeon to western pop such as owl city and even western rock like linkin park, some orchestra song like Hans Zimmer’s and acoustic like depapepe’s and vocal jazz like Diana Krall

Low : Very impressive bass I actually gotta say this is one of the best if not the best bass that I’ve heard coming from an earbud at this price point, it could go low with a great yet tight punch, very focused and solid bass.

Mid  : Hearing taeyeon’s 11:11 is a bliss, very clear yet it has this sweet texture, it’s rare for an earbud to produce this level of focus and clarity but stay smooth at the same time.  Upper mid is more forward than the low mid resulting in a rather bright signature, sometimes i wish that it is warmer because it’s not really made for male vocal, sometimes could sound too thin and unnatural. But if it’s female vocal rest assured, you’ll hear a great sense of clarity, air and smoothness

High : it has bright signature indeed, at first I thought the extension was great but not really actually, willsound has some forwardness around upper mid/treble area but after that you may find a gentle rolloff in the upper treble area that makes the signature is also quite laidback and not offensive, I feel some violin notes in celtic woman’s track lacks extension and bite

The overall tonal is actually like M shape because of midbass punch but dip in low mid, rise again in upper mid/lower treble area but rolloff in upper treble to give a smooth sensation


The main plus point for willsound 32 ohm is in it’s focus, sometimes at lower end model, especially earbud type I feel that they are lacking focus  because of how airy they sounds, but no, in willsound you’ll find a great thumping bass and very articulate female vocals, I guess it is indeed made for female vocals plus with that bass, it’s very suitable for pop music. To be honest about layering and separation.. I haven’t been able to find any earbuds that could satisfy me including this willsound, whenever I play orchestral music, it feels jumbled all over the place and chaos, I really hope that 1 day I could find one

Aside from that, I don’t find anymore standout technicality from willsound, soundstage is mediocre (It is large indeed but I’ve ever tried some earbuds that provide larger soundstage)

Comparison :
VS Shozy Cygnus :shozy Cygnus feels more comfortable in my ears especially because of the small housing, soundwise I feel that Cygnus is more balanced in bass mid and treble, but at the same time it feels a bit dryer and lack of texture, while willsound on the other hand could give a pleasing signature in it sound
VS paiaudio pr1 : paidaudio is definitely the warmer one with more body in the mids, their sound signature are so different, on one side willsound has more bass punch but lacks lower mid but again give a great focus in upper mid, pai pr1 lacks bass extension and punch, but it’s focusing in the lower mid area, just two side of polar, paiaudio has a larges soundstage but lacks imaging and focus making it rather blurry

VS Kanzenoka yinyang p1.1 : now it’s about local builder vs local builder, I gotta say though, from looks only, kanzenoka feels more sophisticated because of it’s more refined marking and gloss piano coating in the housing, now soundwise they actually quite similar both in signature and technicality, but willsound has more extension both upper and lower register yet kanzenoka yin yang has more body in the lower mid making it sounds fuller, they are both great sounding earbuds

Build : 7/10
Fit : 7,5/10
Bass : 9/10
Mid : 8/10
Treble : 8/10
Detail : 8/10
Soundstage : 7/10
Imaging : 6/10
Value : 9/10





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