Oppo PM2 Review “It Wins my Heart” (English Review)

Writer : Mikku
Price : 699$
Specification :
Headphone Specifications:
Driver : Planar Magnetic
Impedance : 32 ohm
Sensitivity : 102 db in 1Mw
Weight : 385g

I got this second hand pm2 for a cheap price thanks to the bad cosmetic condition. But since it works perfectly and I fell in love with it sound.. hell yeah why not? Besides, it’s only the artificial headband that starts to crumble (that’s why i cover them in fabric headband protector) and a bit of stain on the left earcup. But man… gotta tell you.. they still shines

Build & Fit

ooh.. man right from the moment you touch em you know that they ain’t no cheap headphones, the cups are solid, metal headbands, firm hinges, and detachable cables, damn they know how to make good looking headphones, but here is the big difference between pm1 and pm2, pm1 is using real leather for covering the headband, while pm2 using pleather that will crumble over time, also pm1 using metal as the material for the hinges while pm2 use thick plastic, also the earpad from pm1 is made of real leather while pm2 is made of pleather. But here’s the thing, you can easily change your earpad, just pull em off and voila!…. It’s off, it is very recommended to change pm2’s pleather earpad to real lambskin earpad as it will improve the comfort also the sound,

I’ll explain the sound difference later.

They are open back headphones but somehow they seal a bit, not as much as closed headphones, but yeah, they offer more isolation than HD6 series from Sennheiser.

They are really comfortable, although a bit heavy but the weight is distributed evenly that you won’t feel discomfort for hours, the earpad also plays a major role, at first I thought pleather and leather won’t be so different in comfort, but I was mistaken, use the real leather ones, it feels cooler and soft in your head.

The hole for the ears are actually not so big but they fit just right on my small asian ears, I have a feeling that people with big ears might wear them as on ear not over ear. The headband length is adjustable and the cups could swivel for almost 360 degrees, so it’s very easy to adjust them to your preferences.

They also fold flat, and quite efficient through portable sources so it’s a huge plus point for me who loves to go travelling. Very easy to imagine me using em in café or hotel while sipping a tea or coffee…IMG_20171210_175934.jpg

all in one case…. neat……


i use my xduoo x10 as my primary source, I hear many kinds of music, starting from jpop, kpop, mainstream western pop, rock, instrumental, orchestra, jazz, vocal, but I gotta say my favorite is the orchestra

First of all, before we get deeper to the sound, I must inform you that the original padding of oppo pm2 is made of pleather and clearly in terms of durability won’t last as long as the real leather (even mine has started to crack), also there’s a noticeable difference in the sound,

oppo itself has 4 different kind of earpads which are : pleather, velour, lambskin leather, alt lambskin leather (it’s still a genuine lambskin but a bit different in sound compared to the original lambskin leather)

the original earpad for pm2 is the pleather, but I managed to get an alt lambskin leather as a spare but I haven’t tried the original lambskin and velour -> I’ll be soon to update if I managed to try them on later.

The original pleather earpad sounds a bit too muffled for me and somehow a bit harsh around upper mid area, changing it to the alt lambskin leather easily solve the problem, it is clearer, more extended on both ends yet feels smoother, so if you’re planning to buy oppo pm2 I really really suggest you to buy the alt lambskin leather and this review will be based on that -> oppo pm2 with alt lambskin earpad

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(you can see in the photo above, the right one, the shinier one is alt lambskin while on the left is the stock pleather)

Oppo sounds as luxurious as it looks, It’s very clean, the background is dark and the bass is very controlled, it has a neutral-ish sound that has a warm tilt, it is by no mean an analytical sounding headphone since it has this laidback feeling to it as well

Bass : very controlled and can go deep according to the songs. It is not bass heavy but it could packs a good amount of punch. Imagine dragon’s “believer” bass sounds amazing with these, fast, tight, deep and punchy, you can feel em right start at the beginning of the song, but change it to imagine dragon’s “Thunder” and somehow it really lacks punch, so when it comes to bass present it really depends on the recording. the fairly flat response around bass area really explains these.

Mid : now this is the part that wins my heart. It is very different from all of my cans before, it is… somehow…….. very separated and intimate, in a good way. The strange thing is… it doesn’t feel overly forward but it just feels separated… and very focused.

The tonality is somehow spot on for my taste, it’s not really thick but definitely not thin, somehow it’s a kind of neutral-ish but sweet, in the measurement you could actually see a a flat response straight from the bass then a steady rolloff starts from around 1,5khz – which make the vocal sounds smooth and sibilance free.

Almost every vocal sounds great with these, natural, clean , and smooth that’s what I can say about them. hearing these makes me re-listen to almost all of my songs since they will sound very different, now I can hear the vocal in a much more better resolution, for example f4’s “liu xing yi” sounds very euphoric….. I never know this song could be this good, of course they will benefit from good recording making em shines even better

Treble : one more time I should say that they are very controlled, good timbre and fast, but for some songs they may lack a bite for the treble, and not really extended either, although it is refined but it is a laidback treble, hearing acoustic guitar and other instruments sound great but for some music that requires more treble presence like orchestra or solo violin, you will find their achilles heel…

oppo fr

(as always.. measurement taken from one of my favorite headphone review site: innerfideltiy)

You can see from the measurement that this headphone is fairly flat from around 20 hz until a rolloff around 1,5 khz but keep in mind this is a measurement using the stock pad of pm 2, I guess the alt leather pad gives more enery around the rolled off area making it even flatter

Soundstage, Imaging, Layering :
unfortunately for those who love huge soundstage, oppo pm2 won’t satisfy them, it is intimate not exactly 3D, but it has great layering, so never worry about complex music because it will give a great separation


VS HD650 : the funny thing is….. I found them to be quite similar, but HD650 has more mid bass punch while PM2 is flatter, giving more sub bass and more bass layer. They have this same silky smooth addicting vocal, but HD650 is less focused, pm2 is more focused and cleaner. They have similar soundstage but pm2 gives a better layering.

VS AEON Open : AEON open has much more mid bass impact making pop song more suitable to it. Oppo pm2 still shines better in vocal area, sweeter and more neutral, while AEON open is a little thinner and recessed in comparison. Soundstage is roughly similar, in fact AEON open’s bass is too much for my taste, but I have to say AEON open is more allrounder with that bass

VS AEON Closed : AEON Closed is drier, thinner, if AEON Open’s best aspect is the bass, Oppo PM2 is about vocal, now AEON Closed is about treble. It has the most presence and it extends better than the other two, but so much drier both in bass and mid, it is very recommended for acoustic and classic, but for pop or vocal… nah… no…

VS Audioquest Nighthawk: in terms of comfort… nighthawk slays em all, simply the most comfortable fullsized headphone I’ve ever tried. Tonality side, nighthawk is the most V shaped, giving more energy both in upper and lower frequencies, audioquest nighthawk is the most unique one I guess… it has this “echoing” effect that could give a really large and 3D soundstage. It’s the most suitable for watching movies, hearing war movie soundtrack, and orchestra, but for other genres like vocal and jazz, I should give the throne for the other

VS Focal Elear : no need to say much… focal elear is without a doubt the most allrounder…. Punchy midbass, warm and sweet vocal, more treble presence (still laidback though), widest soundstage (not as big as nighthawk though). It is very easy to recommend elear because of its allrounderness (lol). But if you’re looking for a specific purpose, the other headphone may give you better experience : nighthawk for movies and soundtracks, aeon closed for classic and acoustic, pm2 for vocal and jazz, aeon open is also an allrounder one but it is cheaper than elear


Pros : fold flat, looks damn cool, very smooth natural midrange, refined across all spectrum

Cons: may be too laidback for some, pleather headband isn’t really durable

Reccomended Genre : Vocal, Jazz, Acoustic, R&B


Build : 9/10
fit : 9/10
Bass : 8/10
mid : 9,5/10
treble : 8/10
soundstage : 6/10
imaging : 8/10
value : 9/10

Rank : S


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