PAFI 2018 pt 1 (Customart, Final Audio, 64 Audio, Revamp Accoustic, Stereopravda, Dita Audio, Audeze)

PAFI Pt 1 (Customart, Final Audio, 64 Audio, Revamp Accoustic, Stereopravda, Dita Audio)

Sooooo this is the second PAFI show in Indonesia, and this is the biggest portable audio show in Indonesia(don’t compare this to canjam though lol), so many new item and new brands showed up, what a great time to be alive!!, so let’s get started


The first Booth was from Customart with their new FIBAE line ups,

I tried fibae 1,2,3 and rightaway you could tell that their signature sound is warm and smooth, from the fibae 1 to 3, even with their current TOTL the harmony 8.2.

Their new lineups, the FIBAE is short for Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone, it means that id doesn’t matter the output impedance of a source, these iems will sounds true to their signature

I should say their sound signatures are very pleasing to the ears… smooth, non fatiguing, laidback, this remains the same throughout their entire lineup FIBAE 1,2,3 but the treble extension adds every time you upgrade making the sound more balanced

Final Audio

The next booth is from Final Audio

This is one of my “must-try-list” in the show… the planar Final D8000 , wow you can’t really tell how premium they feels till you hold em, they are quite heavy and feels really sturdy, the unique thing is their earpad  isn’t made from leather nor pleather, it’s made from fabric, which is unusual especially when it comes to high end headphones and the Final Audio representatives said that their goal is to make the earpad as breathable as possible which they actually did, very breathable earpads

I should say that D8000 sounds unique, reminds me of Audeze LCD 2 pre fazor, that dark and creamy sound, but adds a bit weight to the mid bass and vocal, the vocals feels really heavy yet somehow I’m lovin it, really weighty vocal but very clear and detailed, if you’re a vocal lover you gotta try these

i also definitely try their unique piano forte line up…. look at them.. just look at them… like jewels, they are totally one of a kind…. you cannot wear them like how you usually put your iems… and the result of the design is a one of a kind sound too.. i never hear anything like them…  the vocals are strange and for me not really natural.. yet there’s something that make me want to hear more… i will try them for longer time if i have the time

64 Audio

I think 64 audio’s name has been on the spotlight for some times since they started to use their adel/apex technology (which I love very much) and also their TIA drivers

now I can hear those high end iems huaahaha… but my main focuses are on Tia Trio, N8t, u12T,

this is TIA TRIO, one of their latest creation and I must say that this is rightaway my favorite iem for now…. It has a punchy bass that could only come from dynamic driver, sweet sweet yet clear vocal and smooth treble… even though their presentation is a lil laidback but the resolution is so damn great… also the soundstage is humongous and daaaamnnnn pin point imaging… just like TIA Fourte… I definitely prefer Trio over fourte thanks to that more forward and sweeter vocal

also they have some cool products such as n8t and the other tia vers of their previous lineup such as u12t, u8t etc, the tia driver surely adds so much air and breath to their presentation.. seriously I’m lovin what they doin here.. combined with their APEX tech, they are one of the most “breathable” iem that will protect your hearing


me : “shit!! this is awesome”

Revamp Accoustic

Actually the Revamp Acoustic from Indonesia is also one of my “must-try-list” but too many people gathers around them to try their first Planar Headphones, damn! Tambora.. I should say it’s one of the sweetest sounding headphone I’ve ever heard seriously! The presentation is so laidback, thick and mellow but somehow in a refreshing way, i tried many kind of songs… but they excels in audiophile jazz and vocal songs… imagine a warm blanket, hugging a pillow on a cold winter night… that’s how i imagine wearing and hearing tambora. yes it’s not the most transparent headphone but that’s what i love about this product, they know what are they doing… they specialize in a certain kind of genres that makes them unforgettable

If I have to pick a fault I guess it’s only about their build… so big and chunky, even you will need more space than audeze lcd series to keep them, nevertheless it is very comfortable and… surprisingly it’s very light for it’s size … four thumbs up for this product!!!


I have read a lot about stereo Pravda and how people are lovin them despite of their strange ergonomic… I really need to try them and here they are right in front of my eyes I have to try them!!

This is embarrassing… well… this is the first time I need help from someone to put an iem into my ears… it’s just that difficult to put em into my ears (I blame my small asian ears)… actually I can’t really give an accurate impression since they’re keep on falling from my ears and when I push them they just sounds weird so yeah….. I almost have nothing to say about how they sound… but from the ergonomics alone it’s a 100% no from me… I can’t wear em… seriously….. but some people who manages to wear them perfectly said that the sound is truly remarkable…. great imaging and precise tonality

Dita Audio

I have owned dita the answer in the past… and they are truly one of my best iem I’ve ever owned… I love how they keep one using a single dynamic in this balanced armature high end market for iem and yes they have their own place that can’t be replaced by balanced armature. I have bad news and good news here… the bad news first: they have discontinued the production of their previous TOTL “The Dream” because of some production issues… The Dream has one of the best treble extension in any iem I’ve ever tried…. Now going on to the good news… they have new iems the “fealty” and “fidelity”

And they sounds just like what I expected… upgrade from the answer and the truth…. Since the dream is not exactly an “upgrade” thanks to it’s very revealing characteristic, the fealty and fidelity offers the same fun as the answer and the dream but lift the technicality into a new level…. Dayum… they sounds a bit different… the silver colored one (I don’t know is it the fealty or the fidelity) is brighter than the copper colored one… the copper one sounds warmer and smoother…


Now it’s the time to try the latest audeze lcd2c… I’m truly looking forward for this… audeze has been known for it’s great sound yet bulky and heavy headphone with high impedance that are quite hard to drive but it’s different with LCD2C… it’s very easy to drive and I almost couldn’t believe that it’s audeze that’s sitting on my head…. It’s very light even though it still retains its bulky shape… woooww hella good job audeze!!!

How’s the sound??? It definitely reminds me of the old audeze lcd2…. Punchy bass, buttery smooth mid, and a little rolloff treble.. yet the resolution is very high and as refined as you expect from a planar headphone…




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