Willsound Audio Comparison (English Review) mk1 mk2 mk3 mk300 pk16 pk32

Willsound Audio Comparison

(yep that’s a lot)

Maybe some of you have heard of this brand before, especially if you’re into earbuds, this brand is from Indonesia, made by an Indonesian earbud builder Willy. His philosophy is to make affordable earbuds with great sound quality and I must admit that for me he succeeded, even some of his customers are from Japan, and other asian countries.

Now he lent me the willsound earbuds to write an unbiased review of his earbuds model : Mk1, Mk 2, Mk 3, Mk 300, Pk16, and Pk 32. The Mk’s are the original, while the Pk’s are his new creation using a smaller housing similar to yuin and shozy’s while the Mk’s are using your everyday style earbud housings. The Mk’s price is 30$ while the Pk’s is 40$.

All of his earbud shares similar cable, from jack to y splitter it’s braided 4 strand and the upper part are twisted cable.

For this review I use my xduoo x10 as primary dap also sometimes I use my Samsung a8 to check whether your daily smartphone could drive them

As for the sample song I use different songs to check different aspects from the gear such as:

  • Keala Settle – This Is Me : for dynamic and vocal emotion
  • Celine Dion Ft. Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer : for woman and man vocal
  • Two Steps From Hell – Enchantress : for soundstage, and imaging
  • Concerto no.1 in E Major : for treble extension and layering
  • The Piano Guys – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen : for Bass extension
  • Rookiez is Punk’d – In My World : for rock sensation lol

I will talk about the MK version first since they are the originals…

MK1, Mk2 and MK3 shares the same house sound which is V-shaped but only with some difference here and there while the MK300 is a different beast

MK1 : maybe amongst all of Will’s creation mk1 has the best balance for vocal, it truly shows it’s ability at The Prayer, the vocalists are powerful and clear and doesn’t matter whether it’s male or female, Willsound MK1 will give you a wonderful sound. The bass is also satisfying giving a round punch with   enough weight to make it a fun earbud. It only lacks in the treble department, while it is lacking height, extension, and speed for fast music, but if you’re into a laidback signature you won’t be bothered by it. As a whole, for me personally, compared to its brothers, willsound mk1 has the best sonic balance with best vocal. But yes compared to mk2 or mk3 it feels the vocal has taken a step backward resulting in a rather v shaped sound
bass : 7
mid : 8,5
treble : 7

(right now i have two kinds of willsound mk1, the red one is the latest model, despite of their different batch, the difference is subtle, still retain the same kind of tonality, special thanks for Rudiwidjaja for doing a giveaway that i ended up having the old mk1)

MK2 : basshead, edm lover and such will like this the most, MK2 has the biggest and boldest bass punch compared to its brothers, the vocal is bolder and more forward especially in the lower mid region while tehere’s a subtle rolloff around the upper mid to treble area that makes it sound full and somewhat laidback. Willy himself said that this is currently his best seller and I definitelcy.could understand why, even though my favorite is mk1 but mk2 is more suitable for top 40 songs which needs a lot of bass punch and forward warm vocal.
bass : 8,5
vocal : 7
treble : 6


MK3: so when I consider the mk1 is the most balanced sounding, mk2 is the warmest, now mk3 is the brightest indeed, giving less meat in the mid and bass, but more power in upper mid and treble, giving bright sensation to it. It is by no mean a harsh sounding bright earbud, but rather a smooth sounding earbud with bright touch to it, because you could sense there’s a dip somewher in its upper frequencies that makes it still smooth. So in the end the mk3 is most suitable for female vocals or acoustic musics.
bass : 6
mid : 8
treble : 8


MK300 : now this one is a totally different beast, from the build itself although still using the same kind of cable yet it feels stiffer, it also has 300 ohm of resistance, making it the hardest to drive especially if you’re using a smartphone as DAP, when playing It using my dap I turn the volume to the same level as the level I play my planar pm2 at. In terms of sound it also a totally different beast compared to its brothers, while mk1 mk2 and mk3 all shows the same V-shaped house sound , this mk3 sounds more n shaped with low mid at its focus. it has a mallow clean approach to its sound, starting from the bass, you will notice that it has a subtle punch but still noticeable definitely, you won’t find a bold and big bass punch here, now the mid is the star, it’s clean, forward, and sweet, yet personally lacks upper mid presence that could make female vocal sounds not as clear as I want. This sensation is somehow remind me of AVARA v1, but with less resolution and less bass punch. The treble area is very laidback so I won’t really recommend it for classical music
bass : 6
mid : 8,5
treble : 5

(mk300 have a fancier jack)

Now going to the pk series, to be frank I like them less.. why? Because even they definitely more comfortable than the mk series, but their freq range is noticeably not as extended as the MK series, more narrow and less dynamic, but more focused in certain frequencies, definitely a different beast.

PK16 : now this blue beauty is really easy to drive, as the name suggest, it’s really only 16 ohm. Now about the sound.. there’s something unique about this earbud.. I would say that.. the sound itself is light.. there’s no weight in its bass nor its mid… it’s totally the opposite to the ve zen 1 which I found very heavy sounding earbud, but It doesn’t mean that this is a bad earbud.. many people would love this kind of sound, it’s not offensive but keep things subtle and laidback.. if you’re asking for impact in bass, mid, or treble I guess you won’t find it here, but if you’re just trying to find a good sounding earbud for just relax, great fit, light sound maybe for acoustic or country songs.. this might be just for you
bass : 6
mid : 7
treble : 7


PK32 : it’s the last queue for this review, it has the same cable as the mk2 but different housing, the housing is very similar to shozy Cygnus which I really like. I should say for me even… even though pk 16 and pk 32 are priced just the same, but pk 32 feels definitely more refined, while pk16 I should say more grainy especially in the upper frequencies. The tonality of pk32 is warm with subtle punch, kinda remind me of mk300 but with more punch in the bass and the vocal is not as warm as mk 300. When I compare it with shozy Cygnus I can’t lie that I prefer pk 32, giving more refined sound also more dynamic, it looks and feels cheaper yet perform better to my ears, great job Willy.
bass : 7
mid : 8
treble : 6


(some of my photos when comparing pk series to my shozy cygnus, shozy cygnus definitely feels fancier thanks to that very cool shozy marking and more flexible cable, yet i must be honest i prefer pk32 to my cygnus)

So there you have it… the all comparison of willsound earbuds.

If you prefer normal sized earbuds :

MK 1 : the most balanced vocal
MK 2 : for bass
MK 3 : for acoustic
MK 300 : for warm vocal

If you prefer small or yuin sized earbuds :

PK16 : for lighter approach
PK32 : for warm and punchy bass

hope this helps


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