Tinaudio T2 Review “Air Tunnel” (English Review)

Price : 55$

Specification :
Driver: Dynamic 10mm woofer, 6mm tweeter
Impedance: 16 ohms
Frequency response: 12 Hz–40 kHz
Interface: MMCX
Plug: ⅛ in (3.5 mm) carbon-fiber gold-plated straight plug
Cable: 3.9 ft (1.2 m) 5N oxygen-free-copper silver-plated wire

I have never heard the name “tin audio” before, in an ocean of new chi-fis it is indeed very hard to keep up with all of em. But I can assure you that this one is different and unique.. a must try I might say.

considering myself is actually sceptical with chi fi using strange combination such as this one.. dual dynamic, I’m pretty surprised that this one turned out really great. For a note, I have tried many dual dynamics before and only ocharaku sounds “right” for me, the other emm either incoherent or “too v shaped”

Box and Accessories 9/10

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Starting from the presentation of the packaging itself… I’m really surprised of how neat they are, and how premium they look

After you open the box, you’ll see a rectangular-book-like shaped box in it, and when you open the book, voila! You see em, the iems burried in darkish foam…they shine…, amongst all chi-fis that I have tried, T2 is the most premium looking

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And underneath the foam you’ll find book and more eartips, you’ll get a total of 7 pair of eartips in total including the default blue foam, 6 pairs are made of silicone, 3 normal bore and another 3 large bore.


Just if…. they include a hard case.. the score would be an easy 10/10

Build 9/10

T2 contains 2 dynamic drivers in 1 housing, so it’s understandable that it has a rather big housing, it is made of metal, I think it is aluminium because of how light they are. I’d say it’ll survive some abuse.

It uses an mmcx type of connector which I’m not really fond of, considering my previous experience with mmcx, they’ll get loose over time, but T2’s mmcx connector feels really secure though.

Now for the cable, wow… it has an amazing stock cable, flexible 8 strands twisted under the Y Splitter and braided above. Actually I prefer both of them to be braided as they feels more secure. Then you see a copper colored jack, I don’t know what it is made of, but yes it feels very durable in my hands.

Fit 7/10

Ergonomics wise, for me they are comfy enough, even though not as good as shure or inear series. Ow I need to tell you they should be worn over ear, if worn straight down they’ll fall down easily and feels very strange, so I won’t recommend it.

Zero audio duoza,ocharaku flat 4 series, audio technica im50, 70, and e40 that use the same dual driver never feels as good as T2 in my ears.

But I found 1 thing that some person might dislike, the isolation is rather poor, actually I’m kinda fond of it since it doesn’t give pressure for my ears, but for those who needs a good isolation they won’t be a good choice.


As my primary source I use IFI XDSD, but for some comparison I could also use Xduoo X10, Ve Clan Odyssey or straight through my Samsung A8, also I use some songs for some benchmarks:

  • Keala Settle – This Is Me : for dynamic and vocal emotion
  • Celine Dion Ft. Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer : for woman and man vocal
  • Two Steps From Hell – Enchantress : for soundstage, and imaging
  • Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto in E Major – La Primavera : for treble extension and layering
  • 2CELLOS – Seven Nation Army: for Bass extension
  • Rookiez is Punk’d – In My World : for rock sensation lol

You could easily drive this T2 from any kind of source, but for me I prefer IFI XDSD as they sound more focused and extended for Tin T2. the first time I tried them using my Samsung A8 it wasn’t very good, very bad imaging and sounds blurry, but using IFI XDSD… oh sh*t they are good…. very good…

Bass 8/10 : I score em using XDSD… they have a tight, fast, and punchy bass, even though they are not as extend as I would like. For any kind of mainstream pop music It feels just enough with good punch, but for a song like 2 Cellos – Seven nation army that needs really low bass notes I feel T2 just not extended enough. Overall I’m pleased with the bass

Mid 8/10: I must admit, that I like what I hear.. it is smooth and clear.. yettt… it’s flawed for sure, lack of balance and intimacy to get a higher score.. for example Andrea Bocceli and Keala Seattle’s powerful voice feels “floating” not really solid and powerful, kinda hard to describe it. I read about how good the mids were in audiobudget’s website.. yet my ears are different… they are good but not “that great” for me.

Treble 8/10: I have a mixed feeling about T2’s treble.. at first I immediately thought it was incoherent and feels separated from the rest of the frequency.. not to mention that it’s also plasticky and plays the wrong timbre… wearing foam tips is a must, I found that dekoni foam suits T2 the most…. cures the incoherency problem and produce a good timbre… it’s still airy and fast.. so yeah.. wear foam tips… they’ll show a good treble after.

Soundstage 9/10: soundstage wise.. at this price point, I find it really hard to beat.. hearing orchestra such as “two steps from hell – enchantress” feels so majestic, without a doubt.. this is one of T2’s best point

Imaging 7/10: unfortunately when it comes to imaging.. it lacks pin point accuracy and feels rather blurred, so yeah this is T2’s weakest point…


VS Final E2000 : Final E2000 feels heavier and energetic, thanks to the more prominent Bass and Treble making it definitely more V shaped than T2, T2 feels more balanced, airier and neutral, at 100$ below price point these two are my favorites.

VS KZ ZS3 : KZ ZS3 has no chance against T2.. feels much more boomy and congested, no competition at all…, T2 more neutral, much more detailed, and spacious

VS Earnine EN120 : Even though earnine has less freq range yet the focus is astonishing especially in upper mid/lower treble.. much more focused and layered than T2


Starting from the box to the iem itself T2 looks much more expensive than the price, what a great presentation

When it comes to sound it also gives a great performance.. no strange peak.. smooth across frequencies but it’s not as intimate and focused as I liked to be.. sometimes they could feels “too distant” like when you’re watching a band from far where the speakers couldn’t reach you properly… but again at this price point.. it’s simply amazing


Box n Accessories : 9/10
Build : 9/10
Fit : 7/10
Bass : 8/10
mid : 8/10
treble : 8/10
soundstage : 9/10
imaging : 7/10
value : 9/10


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