xduoo Xq23 review “Little Giant” (english review)

Xduoo has been always my favorite brand… ask me why. They produce high quality products in a hella cheap price. I remember when I tried xduoo x2 and thinking “wow… this thing rocks!!”. It has such high quality sound with such high power.. in a palm size DAP. and they continuing their excellence through xduoo x3 and xduoo x10 and xduoo x20.

I also remember that when I was gonna buy a 500$ DAP but ended up buying Xduoo X10 Instead because how I love the sound.. and even today you could say that Xduoo X10 has become my main DAP.. that’s just how I love em..

Now, the era of high fidelity Bluetooth has come… Aptx, AptxHD and L-DAC… products like AK XB10 with Bluetooth features and a very small size could deliver a powerful sound. Now Xduoo has released a similar product but with such cheaper price… the Xduoo Xq–23, now I managed to lay my hands on it. Let’s see how good it is


  • xDuoo
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Bluetooth audio coding: SBC, MP3, AAC, aptX
  • Distortion: <0.01%
  • Maximum range: Approx. 33 ft (10 m) in sight
  • Impedance: 16–100 ohms
  • SNR: ≥ 95 dB (A-weighted)
  • Output power: 32 mW (32-ohm load, 1 kHz/THD+N = <1%)
  • Battery life: ≥ 5 hours
  • Charging time: < 1 hour
  • LED indicator: Blue when collected, blue to green when playing, blinking red on low power

Packaging and Accessories 

Look at that!!… just look at that!! Even my X10 pales in comparison to Xq23’s boxes… it,s simple yet screaming “premium” for my eyes… very beautiful packaging with hard box and foam around the item.

But yeah there not many items you could find inside… just the Xduoo with manual book and a standard charger.. nevertheless it has an impact on me right when I first saw it.

Build and Ergonomics

Even though they are small and light but they feels sturdy enough thanks to it’s aluminum material. Also you get that beauty LED for connectivity indicator. As for ergonomics… I’m not sure what that hole supposed to be, at first I thought I could hang it with my keys but then realized the side is too thick but I always put my finger in it when I carry it around. Actually it does feels really secure in the hand when I hold it this way, I actually prefer it having a kind of clip though.


I gotta admit this.. the Xq23 has an even better connectivity than my if Ifi xdsd despite such huge difference in price. It is more stable and I love how it connects right away if you already paired your device with it.. just turn on their Bluetooth and voila.. you’re connected… how nice is that?? Also at the moment you connect with Xq23 it will showXq23’s battery status

But it,s not completely flawless.. you get some kind of lag when you push the next button on the Xq23, the song didn’t change right away but you need to wait for few seconds, I find it more responsive if I use my default music player instead of spotify, don’t know why.

Also when it comes to mic, it connects at the moment you press the button, quality wise I don’t know…. feels average but no complain.. since what I really need is the sound.


For comparison.. I use my Xduoo x10 and ifi Xdsd, for the gears… I use tin T2, tin T2 pro and oppo Pm2, I connect the Xq23 with my Samsung A8.

When I use my item, I’m not really impressed for what I heard, a warm sound that goes well with mainstream music, but not really special… no black background, no accurate imaging, the little bonus for me maybe just the soundstage, it’s quite wide and deep, tonality wise.. nothing special.. but somehow when I plug my pm2.. I realize Xq23 has a lot of juice to drive my planar headphone.. And now I can feel the punch, compared to my Xduoo x10 has less punch in the bass, smaller soundstage width , yet better imaging and better timbre.


For summary… you could say that in spite of how small Xq23 is… it managed to deliver a powerful sound with huge soundstage and punchy bass, but not really detailed and clean, yet I’m sure that majority would find it pleasing




Xq23 is indeed another remarkable achievement from Xduoo, compact size, good material, good power, good connectivity, good sound and all in only around 50$… definitely sooo worth the price. For me, this product is for those who loves to travel with their wired headphone, usually handphone alone don’t have enough juice to drive full sized headphone, Xq 23 is the right choice, you even can use it as a mic… how cool is that? Love you Xduoo


You could buy see and buy some other high quality chi fi products here








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