Tin Hifi T2 Pro VS T2 (English Review )

Before i start the review, i must say thanks to a good friend of mine Jacobush that lend me this T2 pro to be compared with T2.. (which i end up buying it myself thanks to its excellent sound)

So this is actually a continuation of my previous review of Tin T2, if you haven’t read it, make sure you read it

which i will not repeat what i’ve reviewed but this time straight to the comparison of the two, what makes them different???

Box and Accessories

Starting from the box, they’re actually identical, but the pro got that “pro” mark also it has a bigger Tin Hifi logo. Even the “blue book” looks really identical, once again the difference is only in the logo

when you open the “blue book” you’ll see that you will see no difference in presentation, only the physique is different, the Pro defintely has a bigger jack

now for the different part in accessories, if you buy T2 you’ll get 1 pair of blue foamt tips, and 6 pair of silicone tips, in the pro version, you will get those too, but with additional 3 pair of sony-hybrid-ish silicone tip

even though the sony-hybrid-ish eartips really looks like the real one even the color marking for the size is identical, lemme tell you here, they’re not, the real sony hybrid has a more shiny material, more rubbery too


they have exactly same shape housing, you may notice though there’s a slight difference in color, the normal T2 has darker shade while the Pro version looks more silver.

also take a look at the filter, the pro version has lighter color filter, and also the filter looks tighter

the obvious difference is on the jack part, the pro version has much bigger jack, even the color is obviously different, it feels more high quality, even though i’m not sure is it better in quality


This is the most important part… the sound

as my primary source i have my IFI XDsd, but to help me compare i also have Xduoo X10 and Ve clan Odyssey.

Keala Settle – This Is Me : for dynamic and vocal emotion
Celine Dion Ft. Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer : for woman and man vocal
Two Steps From Hell – Enchantress : for soundstage, and imaging
Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto in E Major – La Primavera : for treble extension and layering
2CELLOS – Seven Nation Army : for Bass extension
Rookiez is Punk’d – In My World : for rock sensation lol

Bass : even though T2 has a tight bass, the Pro version has an even tighter, but not suitable for a song that lacks punch, the bass will almost dissapear in T2 Pro

Mid : one of the major difference is the mid, you should read that T2’s vocal lacks focus for my ears, but in this Pro version it has amazing focus with lower mid as its sacfrice

T2 has a lean low mid, the pro version is even more leaner with more emphasize on the upper resulting in an unnatural sound for male vocal also really hard to hear human voice through T2pro, it’s so so dry and full of sibilances even with the foam tips,
but makes the instruments really shine, piano, violin, and guitar really shines on every notes

Treble : my favorite part of T2 pro, it has a ridiculously extended treble for its price, i bet there’s no iem in this price range that has better treble extension than T2 pro, even its bigger brother T3 and T4 cannot reach the range that T2 pro has.. so clear so extended, so airy and so focused..

for those who has classical playlist, i really recommend this T2 Pro, for La Campanella, i find it to have exactly what i’m looking for, every violin sounds vibrant and distinguishable

Soundstage : T2 has a really large soundstage, but with T2 pro, it takes it to another level, larger soundstage with additional height thanks to its limitless treble.

Imaging : this also one of my favorite parts from T2 pro, much more focused and detailed, pin pointing instruments is a bliss, no wonder it’s named pro

T2 Pro has succeeded to make me addicted to my classical and orchestra playlist, for those kinds of song even for iems that has 3 times i doubt you could find such an incredible treble performance…

its achilles heel is on how unforgiving it sounds… i could hear a broad range of genres from my T2, but for T2 pro i could only listen to classical/orchestra/instruments only, thanks to its overly dry and peaky mid, making my ears impossible to hear human voice through it

Box n Accessories : 9/10
Build : 9/10
Fit : 7/10
Bass : 8/10
mid : 7,5/10
treble : 10/10
soundstage : 9,5/10
imaging : 8,5/10
value : 9/10


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