Moondrop KXXS Review “Selenophilia” (english review)

Frequency response range: 10-80000HZ
Effective frequency response: 20-20000HZ (IEC60318-4)
Type: interchangeable, ear-wound, in-ear headphones
Impedance: 32Ω (@1KHZ)
Sensitivity: 110dB (@1KHZ)
Quality control range: ±1dB
Diaphragm material: Diamond-Like-Carbon & PEEK
Coil: φ0.035mm-CCAW (Daikoku)
Cavity: Zinc-aluminum alloy, die-casting-carving-polishing-plating
Transducer: φ10mm electric transducer
Standard wiring material: Litz silver plated 4N-OFC with 0.78-2Pin pin With 3.5mm plug

chifi has continuously giving us great products at affordable price.. moondrop company is one of the most well known company in the chi fi world…

one of the most interesting unique thing about moondrop is their packaging that always using anime style girl as the main art..

now let’s get to the review… moondrop kxxs

box and accessories 8,5/10

just like i said.. the box art is anime style girl.. this is cool tbh… and it’s a high quality drawing indeed..

beneath the front packaging you’ll find the real box.. black matte color with moondrop logo in the middle

open it and this part is looks really beautiful.. divided into 3 section
the iem, the semi hardcase, plus the accessories, very neat… i love this kind of packaging.. compared to T4.. you can tell right away which one is more expensive..

but 1 thing i hate… the semi hardcase is cool but doesn’t really protect it.. i prefer kind of T4 box and accessories.. more minimalist yet more functional with its leather hardcase.

i actually like how they included more filters if you want to change it

build : 9,5/10

made of zinc aluminium alloy material… looks shiny.. feels robust and beautiful… no sharp edges, even the 2 pin connector feels robust…

the only minus is the cable.. it looks cool.. silver twisted cable accompany the silver housing… but it’s not s flexible as i’d like.. also the jack looks and feels cheap… nevertheless i bet they will last long

fit : 8/10
the housing itself is actually quite big.. considering it only has single dynamic driver… thankfully it has no sharp edge and very smooth on the inner side..

from outside it may looks uncomfortable.. but i find it really comfortable and stable…

sound :
KXXS tuned according to harman target response… with minor difference

i’m using ifi xdsd as my main source
test songs :

Little Mix – Shout out to my Ex : testing pop music
Keala Settle – This Is Me : for dynamic and vocal emotion
Celine Dion Ft. Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer : for woman and man vocal
Two Steps From Hell – Enchantress : for soundstage, and imaging
Salvatore Accardo – La Campanella : for treble extension and layering
2CELLOS – Seven Nation Army : for Bass extension
One Ok Rock – the beginning: for rock sensation
Pentatonix – Problem : checking human voice naturalness
Diana Krall – Fly me to the moon (live): checking live sensation also vocal for jazz

bass : 8,5/10
i’m surprised that it has a really addicting bass.. take note that i’m not a basshead.. but i really appreciate a deep tight bass.. and that’s exactly what i hear… try to hear pop musics.. little mix, M.O, the chainsmokers, the bass is soooo addicting… actually for my preference it’s still too much for me… but yeah it’s a high quality bass..

try seven army from 2 cellos.. it really could dig deep… nice job

mid : 8,5/10
it’s a mixed feeling.. because.. i usually give score to iems always using their default eartips.. but for kxxs.. i don’t really reccomend the original eartips

i find the stock eartips tends to brighten up the vocal… that will alter male sound to sound thin… and somehow not focused and kind of holographic… i don’t like how Andrea Bocceli sound through the stock tips…

but for me using final audio type e tips giving me a huge improvement… it give warmth to the vocal resulting in one of the most natural sounding vocal for DD that i have ever heard…

nevertheless using those two tips still will give you the upper mid smoothness that goes really well with female vocals

treble : 8-5/10
this is a really bad achilles heel for KXXS.. for this price i hope it could give more justice to the treble…. maybe the sudden drop in the treble area in FR that gives this strange sensation…

at first you might thought that this is a bright iem with good treble thanks to its emphasized upper mids… but once you play music that truly focus on treble.. such as Salvatore Accardo’s La Campanella or anything with piano and violin that reaches high …. it sounds…. hell… for my ears…. sounds congested and … wrong…i don’t know how to describe this….

but even a more warm sounding Blon didn’t give me this strange sensation…
so really an achilles heel for this

and trust me you won’t find this treble a problem until you try a real treble focused music…

soundstage : 8/10
it has a huge soundstage that’s for sure.. hearing some live music through it.. like diana krall live.. gives you and amazing experience… the grandiose of the concert hall, the claps… you can feel it all

detail : 7/10
it’s no monster detail…that’s for sure… it has a good amount of detail that you could pick from a song… but just as i said.. it has achilles heel on the treble

comparison :
VS Tin T4 : T4 is wayy more sterile.. even though they share the same harman target they sound totally different.. the same part is only the smooth upper mid emphasize…
T4 has tighter bass but much less in qty and not as deep as KXXS,

T4 vocal sounds thinner yet cleaner.. singer’s articulation is crystal clear in T4.. but KXXS sounds more natural….

T4 wins in treble part… no competition… better extension and better detail…

Conclusion :
KXXS is a beautiful product.. both visual and sound… let’s talk about bass and mid.. from me i could give 9 … but when it comes to treble especially the upper ones.. it’s a downfall… but it only happens in some treble dedicated songs only… for majority of my playlist it performs greatly..

value : 7,5/10
rank B


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