blog 23/02/2020 KKI pack 1 + extra, meet with Zpolt Review

tgl 23/02/2020 West Jakarta audio meet

this is KKI pack 1… many thanks for KKI (Kuping Kaleng Indonesia) team to lend this pack to try, also Mr. Abip that voluntarily organized this audio meet

because of there are so many iems to try (including some of the gears from the west jakart audio group itself), i didn’t manage to try all of them… and of course this is just an initial impression for the gears that i managed to try…

source : ifi xdsd
test song :
keala seattle – this is me : check power vokal, extension, upper mid peak
two steps from hell – enchantress : check technical soundstage, detail, separation
little mix – shout out to my ex : for pop music

here we go :

Nf audio NA1

NA 1 : i don’t know what the spec is… but i think this is a single dunsmic iem
. it sounds hugee.. it has this typical dynamic sound… warm a bit v shaped-ish
i like the punchy bass, yet the upper mid emphasis is a bit rough… the soundstage is big and feels 3 dimensional …
this is a good start


Tingker : i’m sure this is a dynamic iem.. it sounds sooo v shaped…. too much even… i can’t reccomend this one thanks to how v shaped it is… the upper mid is far too rough for my ears… sorry

audiosense dt200

audiosense dt200:
compared to the others… this is the one i tried the longest… and i’m quite impressed because of some reasons
1. really good fit for my ears…. it reminds me of westone or shure fit.. flat from the outside and very stable inside..
2. the sound : from the website it has 2 BA per side as the driver… even though it’s not really my cup of tea… but i appreciate how it sounds and could reccomend it easily.
it sounds really warm almost dark even.. maybe it’s already dark for some… yes it’s sooper smooth but still maintain good separation and detail… no peak at all… every song feels inoffensive… maybe for those who like this kind of sound..i really reccomend this one… it raminds me of the now discontinued masterpiece of westone.. the um3x… but with less bass

audiosense AQ3

audiosense AQ3 : it’s a hybrid 1dd+2ba configuration iem.. it has a really good dynamic… feels powerful from top to bottom, still sounds v shaped-ish yet it’s safe from strange peak… it’s a good hybrid with good coherency but the housing is too big for my ears.. causing discomfort

Shuoer Tape

shuoer tape : this is an unexpected guest.
really need to try this one… as far as i know this iem is a rival of the Tin P1..
Tin P1 has single planar driver while this shuoer tape has hybrid dynamic + magnetostatic driver…
for the sound… wow… as expected from magnetostatic driver.. it’s super agile and fast… great transient response with great control…. hearing instrument is a bliss… it has an achilles heel for me though… the coherency for me is really bad… the bass is punchy and could dig deep yet it’s really incoherent for my ears…

it’s one of a kind iem.. with great technicality.. if you’re sensitive to incoherency i won’t reccomend it.. but if it’s not a problem for you and you’re searching for technicality… shuoer tape performs the best in it’s price bracket

Andromeda S

andromeda s

another sudden iem i don’t expect… special thanks for Mr Ardi for bringing his collection… i have always loved the original andromeda.. that green color and crystal clear treble that extends beyond the night sky…
and this andromeda S.. is different… the housing feels a little heavier than i remember compared to the original andromeda..
and it sounds like a tamed andromeda.. it doesn’t extend as high as the original andromeda but feels a bit warmer yet still clear and transparent…

and actually… we got a surprise guest from Philippines Zpolt review… it’s a rare chance to meet a youtuber for audio review… we talked a lot about audio community in our own country… and what we feels about the current audio world… we have some common opinion regarding the current audio community…

about how chi fi’s are getting better and better at their game.. also how right now, for subjective reason we prefer dynamic driver to BA driver…

overall i’m grateful to be a part of this audio meet… it’s always fun to try new gears and meet new friends


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