Fitear Parterre Review “Phantom of the Opera” (English Review)

Writer : mikku
Fitear Parterre
Price : about 95.000 JPY
Technical Data
2 BA (not sure/not revealed by Fitear)

First of all, I’d like to say that this iem is not mine, it belongs to my friend Reza, thank you bro!!. I love almost all of fitear’s product, even if sometimes I don’t really like the signature sound of some of their models but I can always say that they could always challenge my perception of typical Ba signature, they are just…..that….diferrent, thanks to the patented titanium tube I guess.

This time it’s about Parterre, the mysterious iem, Fitear never reveal how many ba are being used in this iem, but I could see more than 1 shade of BA when I flash it with my flashlight, so I guess it’s either 2 or 3. But it doesn’t really matter about how many BAs are being used right?? In the end it’s about the sound. As someone who really appreciate classical and orchestra music I instantly fell in love with Parterre, in my opinion they really suited for those kind of genres.

Box and Accessories

Nothing special here… just standard Fitear packaging, the iem with some eartips and 1 pellican 1010 hardcase, not special but definitely useful.


Parterre sits between f111 and togo 334, with a little twist. It’s bigger than f111 but smaller than 334, the main difference between parterre with its brothers is the housing doesn’t really touch your concha entirely but just sits there, sticking out it’s body a bit from your ear. It feels great when you just sit and listen to the music but when you move your head or while you walk, you may find a little discomfort because of the moving housing outside your ears, but definitely it depends on ear shape, maybe it just me. The cable while feels sturdy enough and strong, but kinda stiff, the earguide is really strange, you can’t bend it like you could always do with a normal earguide, I don’t know maybe because of the metal that being used, it always comeback to it’s original form, if the housing is not perfectly fit into your ears, it can be a quite awkward to wear them. Build quality is definitely one of the best, even for my eyes, parterre is looks more convincing than 334 because it has a metal nozzle while togo 334 using acrylic nozzle, and they both using the same 2 pin ala fitear.
(picture from


Parterre definitely packs a lot of punch with natural decay, sometimes I feel it’s a little bit too much even. It doesn’t really goes deep but rather giving a steady punch around mid bass area, making almost every kind of genres sounds energic. It’s decay is not as fast as typical BA’s bass, and it’s a good news for people like me, it feels natural, not too fast nor to slow, just right. Try some orchestra music here… take “He’s a pirate” from Pirates of carribean’s Soundtrack, damn!!! the lower notes anergy and the bass, good job Parterre! Feels so emotional and flowing.

Midrange might not be Parterre’s main selling point yet it still feels great at this price point. It steps back a little compared to the bass and treble resulting in a rather v shaped sound signature. The unique point is.. it’s not your typical v-shaped kind of sound with thin, bright, and recessed vocal, but the vocal is clear, neutral-ish, but really.. really… smooth.. I can’t find any peak or sibilance with almost all kind of genres.. never gets fatiguing.. but maybe if you’re a vocal lover, buy togo 334 instead, sometimes Parterre’s vocal sounds quite distant.

Now another strange part is the treble, I could swear when I hear togo 334 in one time and then Parterre in another day… Parterre has better treble, “better” here I mean more forward with better instrument timbre. Now I’ve heard them head to head, the strange thing is.. 334 has more extended treble but less forward and have less treble’s “edginess” compared to Partere, even though Parterre is darker but its treble never gets too soft nor too polite, it has this treble’s fierceness but never sounds thin, in usual cans you could hear when an instrument reach a higher note it tends to sound thinner with more edge, but not Parterre, Parterre’s treble never sounds thin yet it still has its edge. Arghhh I know it’s hard to understand what I mean…. But this is exactly what I heard from Parterre, you gotta try these if you love treble.

Parterre is definitely a detailed iem with a lot of energy, it also has a great soundstage, so wide and vast, sadly a little  lacking in height and depth compared to some competitors, so it’s not as 3D but it’s definitely one of the widest (left and right dimension). In Terms of layering, parterre definitely has a great layering and instrument separation, just like I said, try some classical or orchestra, parterre is made for them.


VS Inear SD4 : I was torn between these two when I have the budget, I really love them in a different way, but in the end I chose SD4 mainly because of its ergonomics and SD4 has the more 3 Dimensional Soundstage, but parterre is still wider though, parterre has more impact in the bass and treble region but SD4 is more extended on both ends, digs deeper in bass and extend further in treble. They both have the same laid back midrange that takes a little step behind, while SD4 is more clear and more sweet but it’s a liitttlllleee bit more prone to sibilance while I never heard any sibilance from parterre.

VS Shure 846 : they both have the same impact when it comes to the bass region, but parterre’s midbass is more punchy, 846 has better bass depth though. 846’s midrange is much more forward, I guess in the treble region they both have the same extension (using 846’s white filter) but parterre has a better timbre and has better edge.

VS Fitear F111 : Fitear F111 is the exact opposite of Fitear Parterre, F111 is only using a single balanced armature instead of using multiple balanced armature making it sounds “limited” when it comes to freq response, it never digs deep nor extends high, it’s only about the crystal clear vocal, on the contrary, Fitear Parterre using multiple balanced armature that emphasized both bass and treble but lack focus in the mid range, making vocals sounds a little recessed.
VS Fitear Togo 334 : against its big brother, the TOTL togo 334, parterre sounds much more V shaped and more energic in both bass and treble but lacks in extension, togo 334 has better extension both up and down but it doesn’t have the same amount of punch in the bass nor edge in the treble region, it sounds more balanced with more forward velvety smooth rich warm vocal. Togo 334 has better depth and height so It feels more 3 dimensional but not as wide as parterre. The unique thing is…  I never hear any annoying peaks nor sibilance from them.


Build : 9/10
Fit : 6/10
Isolation : 7,5/10
Bass : 7/10
Mid : 7/10
Treble : 9/10
Detail : 8/10
Soundstage : 9/10
Imaging : 7/10
Layering : 8,5/10
Value : 8/10

Rank: S



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